Striking a balance with Isrotel’s
upscale image



In 2019, AMAN DIGITAL was chosen by Isrotel, a prominent hospitality chain with 23 hotels across Israel, to revamp their online customer experience.

This initiative aligned with Isrotel’s rebranding positioning the chain on the high end, highlighting three hotel lines – Collection, Design, and 5-star Exclusive.
One of the goals was to enhance the customer experience while dealing with the company’s business complexity, in order to improve conversion rates, online purchases, and refreshing and adapting the appearance to the current trends.

The challenge to find the right balance

We were excited to take on the project. Our immediate challenge was to strike a delicate balance between the upscale image we wanted to project, and the sales-driven strategies needed to employ.

360 Solution- Going beyond room & board

Aman Digital selected a dedicated task force who interacted with Isrotel on a daily basis. We delved into global research studying trends, as well as the language, imagery, and branding of analogous 
hotel chains abroad. Our strategy was to take 
a 360° approach that transcends selling rooms, encompassing the entire travel destination experience instead – including live events, chef restaurants, wellness and more. In alignment with Aman Digital’s tradition, we decided to take it further and go beyond the ordinary. We proceeded by transforming the website experience into a seamless, uninterrupted journey – from the initial Homepage visit through to Search Results and Checkout.


Going from macro to micro in search results

The idea was to elevate the search experience, making it smarter, personalized, and tailored to support customers’ diverse needs, such as facilitating multi-room reservations for large families.
Our designers and UX experts took special care to clean out the clutter. Each room received its own strip containing only the essential photos and information to avoid clutter, with an option to expand to read more. In addition, search results provide details on supplementary amenities included in the package, such as spa treatments, tickets to Wow events, and more.


Revamping the homepage

The homepage was designed to tell a 360° story eliciting experiences that go beyond the pleasant rooms, including special events, spas, restaurants, and nearby cultural centers. We took the soft sell approach suitable for luxury hotels, appealing to all senses with attractive imagery and inviting short text. Our objective was to cause site visitors to “want to be there”, and even momentarily feel as if they were at the destination itself with minimal interruptions.

While adhering to minimalistic visual language and design, we always kept the main objective in mind: To position Isrotel on the high end

We simplified the UI, changed the grid, and gave each section its own strip with plenty of white space all around. All 23 hotels were categorized into seven easy to peruse regions, in addition to per class: Collection, Design and Exclusive. From fonts to emotive visuals, every element was selected to tell a story, to bring out the full Isrotel experience, without overwhelming visitors with information.


To conclude

We transformed Isrotel’s website into a seamless 360° journey. The homepage became a refined elegant showcase, while search results were optimized to visual appeal and engagement, enticing users to explore further.

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