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A Powerful Resource Summed up in Three Little Letters

Businesses have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of interactions with their customers every day. Each of these interactions is an opportunity to learn how to improve the customer experience they offer, and in so doing improve customer satisfaction, generate brand loyalty and enhance customer retention.

But, the task of deriving valuable insights on such a scale is beyond a human’s ability. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems come in.

CRMs enable businesses to manage their customer interactions in an effective way, gathering together data from across all channels – their website, phone calls, emails, live chats, and social media – and leveraging data analysis to extract details of consumer behavior patterns, inform sales operations, predict future trends, and drive growth and profitability.

In recent years, the software behind CRM systems has evolved enormously, making them easier to learn, implement and use. Here are the three that we at Aman are proud to specialize in CRM development.

Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A cloud-based business applications platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines elements of both customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), together with productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools. The two editions – Business and Enterprise - have different levels of features and applications suitable for the needs of different types of organizations.

SharePoint CRM.

SharePoint CRM is simple-to-use, but packed with features. Providing a complete view of the sales pipeline and activities throughout the sales life cycle, it gives sales reps access to all the information, documents and data they need to track opportunities, manage their accounts, and close deals. Built on Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, it requires no additional log in, quickly becoming an integral part of the sales team’s working practices.


Developed in-house by Aman DGTL, Otzar accelerates business processes through powerful document management and archiving solutions. Written in flexible source code, it provides a flexible interface to a range of core systems, such as SAP, Oracle, and others, enabling businesses to manage their digital data repositories in one simple location, making it easier to locate, browse, and understand source documents and paperwork.

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