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Fueling Paz’s digital journey, from A to Z

Paz’s digital journey


When Israeli gas station operator Paz wanted to drive more business to its Yellow convenience store , they asked us to create a new experience that would speak to potential customers, enhance their shopping experience and inspire their loyalty.

Following the huge success of the new Yellow app, we continued to accompany Paz on its digital journey, designing an innovative, engaging digital wallet that makes the payments process as simple for customers as tapping on a screen.


New Challenge

In 2016, Paz had created an app to promote its chain of Yellow gas station stores. The app was downloaded by 2,157 users who mostly used for games, promotions and benefits, and to order coffee – but it wasn’t delivering the results the company had hoped for.

The challenge was to enhance brand loyalty, increase the number of people going into Yellow stores, upgrade the brand’s digital language and connect customers’ online and offline experiences. The Aman Digital team embarked on a comprehensive process to create an experience that would do all this, and more…

The Process

The first step in the process was to conduct a customer journey workshop. This involved a thorough review of who was going into the stores, what they were buying, how they were paying, and what additional services would be relevant for Yellow to offer, based on interviews with actual customers - what we call ‘personas’ - from different demographic groups at a selection of store locations.
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The Solution

Based on an understanding that a committed customer will make an effort to refuel at Paz gas stations, spend more money there than at other companies, and feel greater enthusiasm for its brand advertisements, a new and improved loyalty program was a key feature of the new app. The program employs a range of gamification and reward strategies to engage with customers, including

offering a 6th cup of coffee for free, money back on purchases of food & drink items, exclusive offers and other benefits, click ‘n’ pick online shopping with in-store collection, and useful information about Paz stations and Yellow stores, including locations, opening hours and more.


A clean UX concept was designed, focused on the key actions users take, emphasizing simplicity for first-time processes and efficiency for those that are repeated.

The Yellow brand itself was also recharacterized as personal and friendly, spontaneous and energetic, innovative, high-tech and pioneering, with a corresponding tone of voice defined as the proper but spoken language of a live service representative, focused on the customer and humorous without being condescending.

Micro copy in the app was phrased accordingly, “Your next coffee is on us!”, for example.

At the design stage, the Aman Digital design team began by carrying out research of the existing Yellow brand and brand book. For the new graphic concept, they then suggested specific images – animation, photography and 3D – and added colors to the iconic yellow pallet which continued to feature throughout. A new digital mascot - Meirav the Goat - was illustrated and animated for use in the app and on the ecommerce site, products and in-store signage.

The Results

Having launched the new app in 2018, Paz was delighted to find that within two years, there had been over a million downloads, with 157,000 active users per day. But, the story does not end there. As a dynamic product, the app continued to be updated and enhanced, with additional features, such as ordering take away coffee, and a discount for Yellow members buying a Matmon card from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

2 Phase

Keen to build on the of the new app’s success, Paz continued to work with Aman Digital to address their strategic needs, innovation and product development. Speed and simplicity for the user were key priorities, as was raising awareness and increasing exposure about the growing range of services that could be accessed via the app.
Paz was keen to update the experience and technological elements, to ensure that this continued to be a leading app. They also wanted to introduce more personalization, with new capabilities that would enable segmentation and a greater understanding of users to make sure that each one is offered what is relevant to them, at the right time and place.

Aman Digital suggested the introduction of a digital wallet, both for paying for goods in Yellow stores, and to give loyalty club members benefits and promotions. The Aman Digital team embarked on an in-depth research and benchmarking process, looking into the various digital wallets and loyalty programs models already on the market. They then set to work designing a Yellow digital wallet that was at once familiar and innovative, motivating

users to get on board with this new channel of engagement. By December 2020, the digital wallet was ready to undergo user testing. Taking into account user feedback, the original concept was refined, with go/ no go user testing carried out in July 2021. Today, the digital wallet is enhancing brand loyalty and giving customers yet another reason to refuel at Paz stations and shop at Yellow stores.

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