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When Shufersal approached us in 2020 for support upgrading its customer loyalty program, we were delighted to oblige. We had already worked with the company in 2017, developing its digital strategy and assets, namely the UX and UI for its new ecommerce website and app.

Our dedicated Shufersal team had forged strong relationships with the client’s in-house teams through regular meetings in which we provide updates on the competitive landscape, supported design decisions, fixed any bugs arising in development and more. The resulting app and ecommerce website were a great success, and within two years, ecommerce transactions were accounting for more than 20% of Shufersal’s sales.

Shufersal mobile app
In 2020, Shufersal planned to relaunch its customer loyalty program in order to enhance engagement and increase sales. The three core business goals for the new Club Supreme program were:
  • 01 Integrate use of a digital wallet solution that the company had recently acquired.
  • 02 Encourage Get existing users of the app to update their details in the system.of the Shufersal credit card.
  • 03 Get existing users of the app to update their details in the system.

The Aman DGTL team was tasked with finding solutions to three challenges:

  • 01What features to incorporate into the app to achieve the stated goals.
  • 02How to draw users’ attention to the new features – many users don’t pay attention to banners and the like; they just go into the app for a specific purpose.
  • 03How to capture in-store sales in the app.

The Solution

We began by looking at typical Shufersal user scenarios, which revealed two key types of app user at either end of the spectrum: those who use the app as a gateway to Shufersal online, and those who use the app only to collect and redeem discount coupons, but do their actual shopping in-store. Based on our experience in the field,

we proposed a gamification approach as a fun way to introduce the benefits of the new loyalty club, and get people interacting and engaging with the app. Graphics, imagery and UI were designed with ‘bling’, which would be attractive to users and make them look forward to shopping at Shufersal online.

Shufersal website
Shufersal mobile app

A coupon would meet the converging needs of this UX vision, while also achieving the client’s stated business goals, and aligning with the technical/ development parameters in terms of what could be achieved in the given time frame.

Customers collect points with their purchases, which are turned into coupons that can be redeemed against a future purchase, or transferred to the digital wallet. Customers can then use them like cash at a range of outlets, transfer money between friends, or use it on various other occasions where a cash transfer is required.

The coupons themselves are promoted at several points along the customer journey within the app.

In the new onboarding process, existing members are incentivized with coupons to update their details for the new loyalty program; in the shopping cart, a note appears advising shoppers that if they spend X NIS more, they would earn their monthly bonus; at checkout, shoppers are reminded that they have coupons that can be used towards payment; and in the personal area, an account of coupons is available for shoppers to check.

Crucially, none of these notifications interrupt the flow of the customer journey – they appear as an integral part of the relevant screen so the user does not have any reason to leave the page.

  • 3.29 M
    Total impressions
  • $ 18 B
    In digital sales
  • 74 %
    Increase in earned views

What’s next?

Bringing advanced technology to Israel, we continue to develop the digital wallet element of this project, incorporating it as a more integral part of the app to give customers a faster and more convenient way of making payments in Shufersal stores.

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