Design Sprint

Because Speed Matters

A Design Sprint accelerates the design process, enabling you to achieve real results in a matter of days.

A 1-5-day intensive, structured, condensed process that enables teams to make huge leaps in the design of a product, by combining the best of Design Thinking and agile.
Aim: To create a set of desirable, feasible, and viable product features that can become a high-fidelity, clickable prototype, which can go directly to development.


  • Present research results and apply the principles of Design Thinking.
  • Create an early prototype of your product to help focus discussions.


  • Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and look at the product from different angles.
  • Brainstorm with people from different disciplines, from our teams and yours.
  • Every idea is considered.


  • Product testing with different users provides new perspectives.
  • Consider all user feedback - needs, motivations, feelings - explore potential improvements.


  • Discard features that do not add value or are not technically viable.
  • Define the minimum number of features the product needs to go to market (MVP)
  • Create roadmap for features to be added at a later stage.

This human-centric process relies on intuition and the ability to appreciate context, recognize patterns, and think beyond functionality to the emotional elements at play when a user uses a product. This is complemented by a rational, analytical approach.

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